The Rusty’s Saloon Saga

Guests often express surprise and wonder when they stumble upon our remote establishment, a hidden jewel with a rich history that we are privileged to share. Nestled in the quaint town of St. Anthony, this place began as a small house owned by Joe Hoffman. In 1945, Joe transformed it into Hoffman’s Bar, a local hangout renowned for good times and great friends.

When Joe’s son, Rusty, took over in 1973, he continued the tradition, enhancing the space and maintaining its reputation as the heart of the community. After decades of dedication, Rusty retired in 2015, passing the torch to Al Leingang.

Al, a local entrepreneur, immediately embarked on remodeling, aiming to create a beautiful and unique atmosphere. He scoured for treasures to incorporate into the bar, including a 1908 Brunswick bar from a small eatery in Creston, Washington, once owned by Deb Copenhaver, a champion bronc rider. The main room features a solid oak floor and walls adorned with paper replicating early 1900s French designs, leading up to an antique-patterned ceiling. The space is illuminated by an antler chandelier, surrounded by local hunters’ trophies, including a champion bull from North Dakota.

Every corner tells a story, from the mystifying photograph of unusual characters to the cozy nook by the fireplace, featuring a table from a fallen oak and a cream separator base. The bar area boasts tall tables made from repurposed bowling alley wood and stools crafted from whiskey and wine barrels, branded by local ranchers. Before you leave, admire the exterior’s log siding, rustic tin roof, and the weather vane from a nearby barn—all testament to Al’s dedication.

In 2018, Al passed Rusty’s to a local family whose ancestors homesteaded this area. Like the majority of Homestead Families in this area they come from a German/Russian decent that have Extremely Strong Family Values, Very Hard Work Ethic and Strong Christian Beliefs. In the local area you will hear the word, “Cuz” thrown around frequently it further accentuates the tight family bonds of this area. These families have Extreme Sentimental Value to Rusty’s since it was the local, “Watering Hole” for their Ancestors. Rusty’s customers continue to cherish and promote this incredible place, ensuring that the “LEGACY” of Rusty’s lives on.

So hitch up your wagon, dust off your boots, and come on down to where the west is still wild, the smiles are always warm, and the food, drinks, and entertainment are as legendary as the tales of old.

Thank You for Your Support and Enjoying you Time at Rusty’s!

Billy and Brad Fisher (Brothers) and Randy Rhone (Cuz)

Rusty’s is Waitin’ for Ya, Partner!

Gallery of Good Times

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